KING SP's September EP

by H-Trow

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Just something I had fun with doing. I know it's amateur but I was happy while recording. So why not post it.

Mixing on "Road" & "DaNa" done by Artisan Wall.
Thank you for supporting, enjoy.


released September 25, 2016



all rights reserved


H-Trow Grandview, Missouri

Seventeen years old.
Beat maker.
Born in Corona, CA.
I live in Missouri.

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Track Name: Final
I know there are some problems with the track, but right now I do not have the best applications. I still like how it sounds so I kept it. Thanks for checking it out.
Track Name: Road (Featuring Artisan Wall)
(Verse 1) (0:28 - 1:00)
Happiness is a thing of the past
This world we’re experiencing
We’re feeling it’s wrath
Temps are rising around the world
People frown because the ground pounds
Glaciers are melting in the north and south
Bring forth the drought
That we can’t fix so they pout
Why be happy when it’s crumbling
We’re tumbling down the hill
I wish the world was still
Gotta look around to see what’s right
Find the light so we don’t have to fight

(Artisan Wall Verse 1) (1:00 - 1:41)

(Verse 2) (1:41 - 2:25)
Till the dawn rises
Most people are sleeping
Shutting their eyes
But some may be weeping
They got problems they say
Alright I know how you feel
Some day life will blossom
Everything will be real
No fakes for god sake
Those are the worst ones in life
Don’t break them
Just move along, forget, how trife
The last puzzle piece
Once it fits complete it is
No struggle, just increase
The beat rises too
Because you know how it be
We’re right on the queue
Artisan takin’ it to the next level
You know he ain’t no devil

(Artisan Wall Verse 2) (2:25 - 3:12) (The End)
Track Name: DaNa
Ever since I was a kid I had dreams
Even then they felt like ideas
Dealt with the screams
Loud hyenas with a margarita
Kids be thinking broad
Man that’s a good thing today
Applaud your god if you believe in it
Look through the alleyway
Meditating on a Sunday
Who can say hey don’t be grey
In reality you’re not well
Just pray, don’t flee from spirits
Can you tell you’ll be swell someday
Success is the best in life
You see i’m from the west
Wildlife does the rest
Because nature is natural
And cameras are masterful
Find peace in this world of hate
Police release no checkmate
They say I got the eye of an artist
It’s not no lie I might not have the
I play my cards
And learn from mistakes
Some left in glass shards
Others left in ache
They cannot have
Everything cut in half
I’m am new to this rap
This is all just a fad
What all can you do
Theres not much to choose

My name is Seth
I can’t use my last breath
Because I don’t wanna die
I’ll comply if you say
I’m not a regular guy
Cause I am not who you think
Just go ahead then and blink